Master Del Pes’ Books

Master Del Pes’ Books

Master Del Pes’ Books

12 Rules to Achieve Enlightenment (download)

8 Types of Leaders Every Leader Should Know (download)

Aquarian Invocation: Bringer of the Diamond Age (download)

Aquarian Revolution

ARSE’s 4th Pillar – Intelligentsia (download)

ARSE’s 4th Pillar: Mainstream Humanity (download)

Balanced Life Kit

BEinshape Kit

Beyond The Dark Night of the Soul

Chantrams of Transformation (download)


DABSEM Kit (downloadable)

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Master Del Pes’ Store

Master Del Pe has developed books, CDs and DVDs to support Inner Powers development, self-mastery and wellness. These exercises, meditations and breathing techniques are available on CD, DVD, and digital downloads. These products, along with Master Del Pe’s books, open the door to a healthier, happier and a more empowered life.